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Call Of Duty Black Ops Kino Der Toten Strategy

In this guide I am going to share with you the techniques and strategies that I personally use when playing zombies on this map. Using these techniques I consistently get to high rounds, Die the least amount of times, Get the most kills and have the most points in just about all matches I play. I will first share my list of tips, if you use them properly you will be a zombie pro in no time. I will then share the strategy I use in every zombie game. The tips and strategy that i will explain are geared towards playing zombies with strangers online but they can be applied to playing solo or with friends.

Kino der toten Tips

most of these tips are transferable to other zombies maps .

1. Don't steal points -In the first few rounds when you and your team are stuck in the lobby you may be tempted to kill a few zombies at other peoples windows. But overcome this temptation and stay at your own window. You shouldn't steal points because there is a good chance that your team mates will hold a grudge and wont revive you when you go down. plus point stealer's usually have the least amount of points. If someone steals points off you . . .by all means lob a grenade through their window.

2. Keep moving - you should always stay on the move when playing this game. Never stay in the same place for too long just keep moving around the map and move through choke points like stair ways as fast as possible. Do not camp while playing zombies as you will eventually get over run.

3. Always be aware of your surroundings - you should constantly look all around you to ensure that your aware of how many zombies are in your immediate area and from what direction they are coming from. This will ensure you don't get taken from the rear by surprise (No pun intended) and that you don't get surrounded.

4. buy jug as soon as the powers switched on - There is nothing worse than a player who wastes all his money on the box and never buys jug as a result they go down about 3 times on average every round, becoming a burden to the team. moral of the story buy jug.

5. Don't upgrade your weapon as soon as you get 5000 points - Ive never understood why people want to upgrade as soon as they have accumulated 5000 points. worse than that they waste points upgrading bad guns. In my opinion there are only 3 guns in the game worth upgrading, The ray gun, The HK21 and the RPK these are my favourite guns of course you may have a different preference. People who upgrade straight away aren't thinking about the long game. You should only upgrade when you are out of ammo, this way you will have accumulated more points and will have less chance of running out of ammo in the higher rounds. pack a punching should only be used be done when you have no other choice due to ammo or when you are in the higher rounds and your weapons aren't doing allot of damage.

6. Have an emergency fund - when the power has been switched on and you have acquired jug you should get busy saving 5000 points. any points you get over this amount can be used on the mystery box and spent on perks etc. If you go down this will ensure that you have enough for jug when your revived or if you die this will ensure you have enough to get jug a weapon of the wall and a try at the box. Before I started using this technique and died in the later rounds I was effectively taken out of the game as I didn't have enough points to get a good weapon or to buy jug.

7. Don't camp in the one spot on the dog rounds - Keep moving on the dog rounds. If your hit a few times and your screen goes red RUN don't shoot just run until you have healed again.

8. Practice - If you want to get better at zombies, simply practice the more you play the better you will get. By practicing you will soon learn about all aspects of the map and in turn how to dodge zombies effectively thus staying alive longer. You will get more accustomed to the guns and the perks etc thus get better at killing the zombies. This is how the pros got where they are.

My kino der toten strategy

I will now show you the strategy that I use when I am playing zombies. This strategy has been developed over the countless hours that I have spent playing this game and I think its unique to all other strategies out there for this map. You should also notice how I use the tips I provided in the previous section of this guide in my strategy. This strategy can be used when playing with friends or with strangers.

Step 1 - Lobby
when the game starts quickly run to the window that you prefer ( I like the window upstairs) if someone gets there before you, no sweat go to a different window. shoot the zombies a few times before finishing them off with a knife. don't buy any guns in the lobby and don't open any doors until you get to the first dog round.

Step 2 - First dog round
as soon as the first dog round starts quickly run upstairs and open the first door (if someone hasn't already opened it). The other players will probably follow you, wait to see if they do the Honorable thing and open the second door. If they don't open the second door and quickly get the mp40 on the wall. run around the turret in the centre of this room to avoid getting hit by dogs shoot them as you do this.

Step 3 - gather up enough points to get jug and open the last 2 doors
if you are with a functional team that help each other out then stay in the mp40 room with your team until you all have gathered up enough points to get jug. the 2 players who haven't opened any doors yet should open the last 2 doors to the stage.

alternatively if your playing with players who stole your kills in the lobby and/or were selfish and didn't open any doors, this will teach the b**tards a lesson . After the first dog round ends quickly run back to the lobby and camp beside the window under the stairs this a great, safe and unknown way to rack up loads of points. This is a great location to camp because there is only one window that you have to take care of and the debris beside the stairs leaves a small opening for the zombies to come through making killing them easy and ensures that you wont get over run easily. If you do get over run you can simply open the door to the down stairs room in the lobby. This is a great little strategy I have used countless times, I can usually hold my own here until the other players opened the rest of the doors and turned on the power and in the process I will have gathered up at least 10,000 points. In all the games I've played I have never seen any one else use this strategy, so remember you heard this one here first.

step 4 - Jug and emergency fund
as soon as the power is switched on your priority is to get jug this is essential. After you have gotten jug proceed to save up 5000 points.

step 5 - Getting the weapons you need
Once you have saved 5000 points you should use any points you make over this on the box. Your objective in this step is to get the 2 guns that you prefer and monkeys. For me this is the ray gun and the HK21 use the box as many times as you need until you get what you are looking for but make sure to not spend your 5000 emergency fund.

Step 6 - Your set
That's it your now set for this match, All that's left to do is stay alive just keep moving around the map and you should be fine. You can now spend any excess points that you gather up on perks or pack a punching etc. Safe in the knowledge that you don't have to go near the box again. Make sure to maintain your 5000 emergency fund through out the game.

Using the tips and strategies that I have outlined in this guide I have made it to round 34, I could have made it allot further if I had reliable team mates who didn't go down every round though. I hope this guide helps and please comment if you have any suggestions or feedback, Thanks for reading.

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